Prosperity and Success Starts With Imagination

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"The tragedy of life is not death. The tragedy of life is what dies within us while we are still alive."
And for most people what has died within them is that "God-like" ability of imagination.
The one thing that sets us apart from the rest of the animals on this planet is our imagination. Every animal and plant have intelligence. But only human creatures has imagination.
As children, we lived for a time in a make-believe world of our own. As heroes and heroines, invincible and conquering everything we could imagine. Those little piles of mud were gigantic structures that held back oceans. And we were pilots of the plastic airplanes soaring above.
But as we were growing, maturing, we were being conditioned to stop being "childish".
The sophistication of today's technology is such that computers are being built that can perform human functions, thinking, speaking. And you already have one of these sophisticated computers, in fact, a better one. It is between your ears.
It has been estimated that most people are only using ten percent or less of their mental capacities.
Thoreau, summed it up this way, briefly "most live lives of quiet desperation". And most people live to work and not, work to live. Why are you working? Yes, to pay the bills.
But, consider this. If you were to work with a purpose for the money you get - not just to pay the bills. But a purpose for doing what you do, you would have a different attitude.
Are you doing what you want to do, or doing what you must do?
How many of the social "luxuries" that are keeping you broke and are merely for show, so the world sees you as doing okay, could you do without? If you could do away with a few for even just a year. How much breathing space would that give you? And availability to get ahead first before diving back into "sociable standards" viewed by others.
One of the traits of successful people is, they are lifetime learners. They learn something new each day and apply their newly gained education. They learn from their mistakes.
You still have your imagination. But you are not using it as it was divinely designed for. Our imagination puts us in touch with the stars and distant galaxies. Takes us to distant exotic lands. Takes us on a daydream of how you would want your life to be.
In our minds, we glide through gracious ballrooms and onto balconies overlooking magnificent gardens of grand mansions.
Make your mind that wonderful mansion again. Not a fantasy, idle wishes, but in where you are fashioning a life you want to live.
Here is a formula, Read - Learn - Educate. And when you do, applying this will make more of you. Have a look through this site, invest in yourself and your future.
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